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"澳洲10开奖历史查询记录 The WoW Course has completely changed my relationships with clothes for good!"


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168澳洲幸运10官网最新开奖历史 Create a capsule wardrobe that has personal style and versatile outfits.


Learn how to pick the right clothes for your colour type, unique body proportions, office and social life. If your closet is so full of clothes that it gives you that 'nothing to wear' problem, the WoW Course will turn it into beautiful ready-to-wear outfits. Learn how to pick the right clothes for your colour type, unique body proportions, office and social life.


澳洲幸运10历史开奖记录查询 What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe or a closet wardrobe is a collection of interchangeable clothes that are planned for a specific season, travel purpose, professional office etiquette, or specific lifestyle. You could build a capsule for a season or for the entire year, for example.

This type of wardrobe saves you a lot of time and money once you achieve it because you’ll always know what to wear to look your best.

Get a capsule wardrobe that’s as unique as you

How can you make sure that the Wonder Wardrobe Method is for you? You’ve heard about minimalist, maximalist or basic wardrobes. I believe we are all different and this will show in our closets. It is up to you to decide how many clothes or pairs of shoes you own. We can’t expect a nurse and a flight attendant to have the same wardrobe needs.

That’s why turning your own wardrobe into a unique, versatile one starts with you. The Wonder Wardrobe Video Course will help you discover your style, best colors, lifestyle needs, and unique body proportions so that you can get a truly personal wardrobe.


Experience the benefits of a fully interchangeable wardrobe


The ideal personal capsule wardrobe - a Wonder Wardrobe - is versatile because all the clothes you have are fully interchangeable. This simple wardrobe change solves a lot of the problems we currently have with clothes: stress and wasted time trying to figure out an outfit, or simply having a lot of clothes that you don’t even know how to wear anymore.

A fully versatile closet is a sustainable solution that deals with impulse shopping and reduces fashion waste because you end up wearing everything you own for a longer period of time.


The differences between Wonder Wardrobe 168澳洲幸运10官网历史数据 and other capsule wardrobes

When it comes to the amount of items a wonder wardrobe allows you to have when compared to other capsule wardrobes out there, you are not limited to 10 or 33 items. The number depends on your lifestyle needs. You can have as many clothes or pairs of shoes as you want.

Instead of going for the white, black, grey and blue colours of a basic wardrobe, a Wonder Wardrobe will show you the colours that truly compliment your natural beauty and go well together so you can loog your best. The same goes for style. Why go for something basic when you can have a style that expresses your personality?

A Wonder Wardrobe goes beyond the simple, basic design of other capsule wardrobes. It will help you find the best looks for your body, personal style and life.

A regular wardrobe means decluttering and throwing clothes away regularly. A Wonder Wardrobe will show you new ways to wear what you already have and transform your wardrobe to a more versatile and functional one.


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Capsule Wardrobe Harmony

The benefits of having a Wonder Wardrobe:

  • No choice fatigue.
  • Stress-free mornings.
  • Always know what to wear.
  • No more impulse buying.
  • Find out what truly fits you and what to stay away from.
  • Become more sustainable by reducing fashion waste.
  • A digital outfit planner so you can check, plan and easily update your outfits.
  • Outfits that compliment your natural beauty and complexion.
  • Less shopping, more clothes to wear.

What The Harmony Principle does for you and your wardrobe

I believe that all women are graceful, powerful, mysterious, sensual and represent a unique world of wonder that needs to be expressed. That’s why The Wonder Wardrobe Harmony Principle puts your unique natural beauty center stage, focusing everyone’s attention on you, not on your clothes.

The clothes you wear can tell everyone about your values, your dreams and desires, about what makes you, you. But to achieve this effect they have to be in harmony with everything you represent, not go against it.

After all, you don’t want people to remember your dress, you want them to remember you.

The Wonder Wardrobe Method creates harmony in your closet based on your unique style, colour type, and body.


25 Trees Planted for Every WoW Course Taken.

Fashion is one of the most polluting, brutal industries that uses slave-like labour to create cheap, petroleum-based, chemically-infused, disposable garments.

At Wonder Wardrobe we advocate for humane working conditions, living wages and circular production methods that benefit people and the environment.

Besides that, for every WoW Course taken, we plant 25 trees through our partner Eden Reforestation Project.

You don’t have to compromise your love for fashion if you know how to make conscious, sustainable decisions. Building a capsule according to the Wonder Wardrobe method means will start to create outfits with what you already have. Because your wardrobe is fully interchangeable, if you buy one top you can get 10 outfits.

By eliminating random purchases you not only save money, but you make a conscious choice to reduce fashion waste. If you absolutely have to buy something you can always use our ethical shopping guides.


My  Styling Tips on Social Media

Building a capsule, becoming more sustainable, and making conscious choices doesn’t stop once you’ve completed the Wonder Wardrobe Course. You can find tons of capsule collection examples, style advice, and fashion tips through my weekly Newsletter, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Blog.

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